This new render of Galaxy Note 8 looks Gr3at

Okay, first let’s address the elephant in the room. The 3 in the title isn’t a mistake but a deliberate act. This comes in succession to the development that took yesterday regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Yesterday the popular tipster, Evan Blass tweeted that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 goes by the codename Gr3at and not Great as was anticipated earlier. However, nobody knows exactly what the number 3 stands in “Gr3at”.

It could represent 8, since number 3 kind of resembles 8, but then they could have gone with simple gr8. But, again, considering how clichéd gr8 is, perhaps, Gr3at was a better choice. However, it could have different meanings relating to 3 itself or no meaning at all. All we can do is wait until Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 8.

Anyway, coming to our main post, a new image of Galaxy Note 8 has leaked that shows front side of the upcoming phablet. Posted on Weibo, by Ice Universe, the smartphone in the image looks like Samsung S8 with no bezels on left and right side.

Apparently, the physical home button is also missing similar to Samsung Galaxy S8. Also as per the recent leaks and rumors, Galaxy Note 8 will feature Infinity display that graced Galaxy S8.

As far as other specs are concerned, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature 6.3inch display, dual rear camera, Snapdragon 836 processor, which is an incremental successor to Snapdragon 835 set to launch next month.

Besides that, Galaxy Note 8 will feature rear fingerprint sensor and will release in early August.

Source: Weibo