Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 836 processor might debut with Galaxy Note 8

Up until today, everyone was under impression that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will feature the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. However, earlier today we reported that Snapdragon 836 might see the light of day in July itself.

This means that most probably Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first device to feature the incremental successor of Snapdragon 835, Snapdragon 836. Although, neither Qualcomm nor Samsung has said a word about it, since Galaxy Note 8 is expected to launch in August, it might be happening for real.

There won’t be huge changes in the Snapdragon 836 processor, considering the Snapdragon 845 will launch in January as per the recent report. However, Snapdragon 836 might reach 2.5Ghz which is slightly higher as compared to 2.45Ghz of Snapdragon 835.

Similar to last year, where the incremental successor of Snapdragon 820 processor, Snapdragon 821 made to the 2016’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL, this year too, Snapdragon 836 will likely feature in Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Further, recent leaks have suggested Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will release with Android 7.1.1 on board and might not feature on screen fingerprint sensor due to some technical issue.

Source: IThome