Gravity Sheep – Test your skills with this cute but challenging gravity physics game

While we can’t take away the magical force that light-sabre touting birds have exercised across mobile users, there is always room for other well designed games which push your grey cells to the limit and have you glued to that one level till you get that satisfying feeling of being able to cross it.

One of those excellent physics puzzlers was Disney’s Where’s My Water, which could keep you enthralled for hours with it’s cleverly designed levels each of which could be achieved in different ways depending upon which approach you took. Gravity Sheep from Overflow Studio is another brand new 2D Physics Puzzle game which can be worthy of the standard that Where’s My Water has set, and mind you, that standard is pretty high.

The concept of the game is simple. Get the sheep to roll and eat the mushroom. There could be obstacles along the way, or just empty space between the sheep and the mushroom/s. And you’re going to have to bridge the gaps by drawing straight or slanted lines which allow the sheep to roll uninterruptedly and reach the mushroom.

Mind you, there are multiple mushrooms in levels as you move ahead, and awhen your sheep eats more than one mushroom it becomes fatter and heavier, making it more difficult to maneuver. The game looks simple, and is actually simple for the first 9 levels, after which things start getting challenging. Each level is bound to fully test your logic, skill and determination to succeed.

Have a look at some more screenshots below.



Gravity Sheep is a free game, and other than the brilliant, challenging gameplay, what makes it even better is that it is ad-free. There is also a paid version of the game available for $1.99, which has 45 different levels.

If you like physics puzzle games, then you are going to love Gravity Sheep. To test your skills and your appetite for mushrooms, hit the link below to get Gravity Sheep from the Play Store.

Gravity Sheep Free  |  Gravity Sheep Full Version