Google to provide free superfast Wi-Fi to the world, begins with New York City

new york free wi-fi

Google has debuted with its plan to give free Wi-Fi for all with New York City. It is a part of the firm’s extravagant plan to provide free Wi-Fi to the whole world.

As per a report, Google has already established a firm to handle the free Wi-Fi service in the Big Apple. The startup Sidewalk Labs that is backed by Google will turn 10,000 old telephone booths in New York City into ad-supported Wi-Fi pylons this September.

The booths will provide services such as cell phone charging, tough screen based information point providing city and transit directions and free domestic calls. The most important feature of this is the free Wi-Fi access. However, each pylon has a limited range of 150 feet.

The pylons will deliver advertising as well and the program is believed to bring $500 million revenue via advertisement to the city in the next 12 years.

The firm is leading a group of investors buying Control Group and Titan that are the firms that cover New York City with super fast and free Wi-Fi.

Via: BGR