Google to focus more on Battery and RAM usage in Android M, likely to launch Dev Preview

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The Google I/O conference is only a couple of days ahead and we have been getting to know a lot about what the firm will be announcing at the conference. The Android M platform and the specifics of what it will be bringing to the table have been revealed in the recent rumors and speculations.

Now, Google seems to be apparently taking an improved focus on the battery and RAM usage. The firm seems to be in plans to release a dev preview of the Android M as it did with the Android Lollipop last year.

Google is likely in plans to release a developer preview for Android M now and the final release is pegged to be let out in August this year. These time frames are not officially confirmed by Google and there are increased chances for them to change.

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As per the rumors, the battery is set to be focused a lot and Google seems to be emphasizing on the performance and smarter usage of the features and applications that might consume too much of the battery life.

Apparently, it looks like Google is urging its teams to concentrate more on the battery performance by trimming down the RAM usage, reducing the location checkins and minimizing the activity off-charger and when the screen is turned off. This focus on the performance will presumably go up to Play Services package that manages to climb up the battery usage stats.

Google managed to improve the battery performance on the Android Lollipop with new additions such as Project Volta and JobScheduler. We are yet to know how these attempts will materialize in the upcoming Android build. Google might discuss all these at the I/O.

Source: Android Police