Google I/O 2024 Release Date and Expected Announcements

What to know

  • May 14th is the date for Google I/O 2024.
  • Expect more AI announcements, feature improvements for Gmail, Maps, Search, Photos, etc., as well as an official announcement for Pixel 8A.

Mark your calendar, folks, for Google I/O 2024 is set to take place on May 14th. The keynote developer conference will be broadcast in front of a small live audience and open to everyone online. 

Given the state of the tech industry, it’s highly likely (and is almost a foregone conclusion) that AI dominate this year’s I/O. Expect more news about Google’s AI chatbot Gemini, a few more apologies for its image generation debacle, and ways it will improve over time. 

This is the place for Google to show off new features and updates coming to its most used services, such as Gmail, Google Photos, Maps, Google Search, etc, all of which have received a shot in the arm with advancements in AI. 

Expect Google to also formally announce the Pixel 8A which has been leaked countless times already, though we don’t blame Google too much for it. 

The Google I/O website has already begun a countdown for you to keep track of the day, date, and time. Developers who want to stay in the loop and receive communications related to the event can register on the website as well. After the keynotes, they will also get on-demand sessions to get into the technical content.

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