Google Play Store App getting a makeover with version 4.0 [Preview]

Google has turned around the design of most of their apps from (sometimes) rather ugly to very pretty in some cases, thanks to their Holo app design guidelines that were introduced along with Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich. Now it seems the search giant is working at giving their Play Store app a makeover with version 4.0, which the folks over at Droid Life have gotten their hands on and shared a few images and a preview video showing it off.

The first thing you’ll notice in the new design is that most of the images and icons are now, well, much bigger than before. There’s much more of Holo now, with a focus on pictures similar to apps like Google+ and YouTube. The new look starts from the home page of the app, which is now cleaner and sleeker. Individual pages for apps and other content have also been rearranged, with a larger icon on the left side and the action buttons (install, uninstall, etc) arranged vertically on the right, again making for a cleaner and prettier look.

As for other sections of the Play Store, such as the search results page or list of installed apps, each entry in the list is now ensconced in a square box, akin to how you view images in Google+ or information cards in Google Now. The larger icons are present here as well, though otherwise the layout remains quite similar to the current version of the Play Store.


It’s a beautiful new look for sure and sheds light on Google’s continued commitment to make Android one of the best looking operation systems out there, at least when it comes to default Google apps. I do wish Google had dialed down the green colour of text in the apps section, but since this isn’t the final version, there’s still hope that they might. Maybe we’ll see some performance enhancements as well, which are also sorely needed by the Play Store.

Don’t get too excited though, the new version (4.0.16) isn’t available for download yet – Droid Life mentions that some of the sections in the app are still placeholders and don’t work, so it could be a while before the new Play Store rolls out to everyone. But whenever it does, you can be sure we’ll let you know about it.

Here goes the video preview. What do you guys think?

Preview: Google Play Store Version 4.0

Via: Droid Life