Google takes on Spotify and Pandora with free YouTube Music support on Home and other Assistant-powered speakers

YouTube Music free ad-supported

YouTube Music is now available for free on all Google Home and other Google Assistant-powered speakers. Usually, access to YouTube Music requires a paid subscription, but since you are getting it for free, there will be ads too.

Despite coming to the music streaming scene a bit late, Google’s free YouTube Music offering now brings it closer to Pandora and Spotify’s free offerings on smart speakers. But it remains to be seen how the intake of the ad-supported experience will go.

All you need is to go to account settings, click on services and then select music. Go ahead and set YouTube Music as the default music service.

With that done, all you need is to say something like “Hey Google, play [anything],” and Home or any other Assistant-supported speaker will play your favorite genre, style, or mood of the music.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to get a paid, ad-free subscription if you want your smart speaker to play a specific song, artist or playlist.


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