Google Home now lets you play uploaded and purchased music from Google Play Music

Until today, using Google Play Music as Google Home’s music source was limiting for users. For the unaware, one could only play music via free radio stations or through on-demand services via All-Access Library.

However, in a big and a great move, Google has announced that in the coming days, Google Home will be able to play your uploaded as well as purchased music from Google Play Music. Yup, right, now you can play all stuff you’ve bought from Google’s music store.

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To accommodate the changes, Google has changed the priority of radio stations and purchased music. For example, uploaded and purchased content will play before the free radio stations. However, Subscription on Demand content will play before your purchased/uploaded content, unless you specifically ask Google Home to play it from your library using commands like “Play abc <from my library>”, “Play my abc”. So, the new priority is Subscription on demand content > Uploaded/purchased content > Free radio service.

Besides the above good news, there is some sad news for uploaded/purchased music. Currently, Google Home doesn’t support basic commands like “Play <genre/mood/activity>” and is just limited to playing songs by their name.

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The new feature is rolling out globally to all regions where Google Home is supported.

Source: Google