Google enables auto answer in chrome: Get answers to queries while typing them

Google introduced a really cool update to chrome for android last year in which you could directly get answers to your queries as you typed them. Yup, we are talking about how you would start typing a question or a query in the search omnibar, only to have chrome quickly come up with an answer.

The application had always been there, but you needed to activate it by toggling the flag. However, Google has tweaked things a bit so that the feature is now active for everyone without the need to toggle anything.

So what happens now? Now, if you were to skip to the Chrome app and were to start typing a query in the omnibar, Google would — depending upon your internet speed — come up with an answer to it before you finish typing it.

For example, typing “weather in” leads you to a suggestion list of your probable location along with the temperature and weather conditions in each, while typing “when was android” brings out a list with dates on when android and its various versions were released. Pretty intelligent eh?

Go ahead and try it out, and do tell us how you felt about it by commenting right below.

Source: AndroidPolice