Google Docs Will Soon Allow Markups and Annotations on Android Devices

What to know

  • Google Docs is rolling out a ‘Markup’ feature that will let you add handwritten annotations to documents.
  • Currently, the option to add annotations is only available for Android devices.
  • Desktop and iOS devices users can only view/hide annotations or delete them. 

Google Docs is a highly collaborative word processor with options galore to provide feedback, comment, and improve the quality of a working draft. And now, Google is introducing a new ‘Markup’ feature that will let you add handwritten annotations to documents too. Here’s everything you need to know about the new markup feature – how to use it, which platforms are currently supported, and when to expect it. 

Google Docs is rolling out a new Markup feature

Be it group work amongst colleagues and peers or teachers correcting homework, there’s no replacing the feeling of putting pen to paper. But when it’s not possible to be in the same room, technology is our common friend. Fortunately, word processors like Google Docs are making it easier than ever before to collaborate on projects without being restricted by the tools themselves. 

Starting today, Android users will be able to markup documents and add handwritten annotations to them. This can be done using either a stylus or just the fingers. All this will soon be available to users from the ‘Markup mode’. 

Image: workspaceupdates.googleblog

Apart from the annotation tool, there’s also a highlighter, an eraser tool, and an option to hide/view markups. These tools together will make it easier to provide one’s input, give feedback to others, or simply highlight important passages.    

What to expect on desktop and iOS devices

Even though the ‘Markup feature’ allows annotations and markups only via Android devices, desktop and iOS device users will be able to view the markups, hide them, and even delete them. But that is as far as things go for these two platforms.

Image: workspaceupdates.googleblog

We hope to see the ability to add markups and annotations become available on all platforms soon enough. 

The ‘Markup’ feature on Google Docs will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well as users with personal Google accounts. The rollout is currently underway so it may take two to four weeks before you see the ‘Markup mode’ option on Google Docs.

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