Google confirms Autofocus problem with AR on LG G7, V30 V35 and V40

If you were experiencing a problem in focusing on objects in AR mode on your LG device, you are not alone. Turns out that Autofocus is not supported on premium LG devices, so you have to manually focus on objects, which can be tiring.

Google today confirmed on their support devices page for ARCore, that all the recent LG flagships are facing a problem in AR mode where Autofocus is currently unsupported.

That’s a bit odd, yes, that LG’s old flagship the G6 doesn’t have the problem, as well as the Q6 and Q8, but only the costliest devices from the company on offer suffer from the bug.

LG is yet to comment on this, but we are sure this is only a software issue, one that can be fixed easily with a software update in the future.

We will let you know of the development, so keep watching this space.

LG recently pushed Android Pie for the G7 in Korea, while their Android One handset, the G7 One, has also received the coveted Android 9 update.

LG also has some big plans for the future, and that includes a 5G smartphone unveil at MWC 2019, which may not be the LG G8 that looks irritatingly similar to the LG G7.

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  1. very annoying. lg aren’t pushing updates for the devices now and the autofocus that worked perfectly for years has now been crippled by google. an amazing camera made into e-waste with not so much as a sorry. ill still be buying lg as the devices are very high quality but it will be unlocked only from now on.

    google you just lost one of your cell providers a customer.

    (also due to them no longer letting you buy devices over the span of the contract and witholding ownership of the device. totally sidestepping right to repair for the customer (sprint, usa).

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