Google Chrome coming soon for your Android Smartphone


Android and Chrome are like two brothers who have nothing to do with each other, one being a Mobile OS and the later one of the best browsers in the market. Till today we have never seen any interactions between Google Chrome and Android but there are rumors that point to a great collaboration between the two.

Well if you haven’t guessed it yet let us give you a hint: Chrome is coming to Android. Yes, that’s right — there are a few rumors that point towards Google Chrome browser for Android devices, and don’t be surprised if you find the default browser in Android 4.0 is Chrome.

The Android-Chrome project is still in its  developing phase and the beta versions of chrome will be out soon, as I told earlier it maybe out with Android 4.0 on October 11th. The Android version of chrome will feature almost all the features of the desktop version of chrome with addition of Skia 2D graphics library.

We have seen an app called Google Chrome to Phone which syncs all your favs from Chrome to your smartphone and does much more, so we can except the chrome for android to be much more than just a browser.

Whatever Google is cooking it sure smells great, whether its the launch of Android Icecream Sandwich or the Chrome browser it surely is gonna make a lot of  droid fans really happy.