Google Chrome to get 3 new Generative AI features for better browsing

Google is adding a handful of experimental AI features to its Chrome web browser as part of the version M121 update. The new Generative AI features are available on the Google Chrome app on Mac and Windows and can be enabled by switching on the Experimental AI toggles inside the browser’s Settings screen. 

Among the new features is a “Tab Organizer” that can suggest and automatically create tab groups based on the tabs that are currently open on your browser. When activated, you right-click on any tab and select Organize Similar Tabs to group tabs together and give them a name so that you can find them later. 

As part of the update, Google is offering its AI to help you make cosmetic changes to the Chrome browser. Using the “Create themes with AI” feature, you can personalize your browser using AI-generated themes that you can create by specifying a subject, mood, visual style, and color. 

Lastly, there’s the “Help me write” feature that’s expected to arrive later next month. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to use this feature to help you draft emails, write in-depth reviews, create reports, or formally articulate your thoughts. 

Google’s blog post indicates that more AI features may arrive on Google Chrome, including the integration of its Gemini AI model that’s designed to make your browsing experience even more easy. 

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