Google brings Backup and Sync app for Google Photos and Google Drive

As expected, Google has launched its new Backup and Sync desktop app for Mac and Windows. This application makes protecting files and photos simpler, speedier and more reliable.

The Backup and Sync app replaces the older Google Photos desktop app as well as the Google Drive client applications and combines the utility of the two. The new app is aimed at regular consumers and can be used to back up photos from USB-connected devices as well such as cameras and SD cards.

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It is highly convenient to use as the backed-up files can be accessed in Google Drive from anywhere and any device, be it your computer, phone or tablet while your photos and videos will be available in Google Photos.

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To initiate the process of backing up your flies and photos using the new Backup and Sync app you’ll first need to sign into your Google account. Then you need select the folders you want Google to continually back up to Google Drive.

To be able to download the app, you are required to be on Windows 7 version or later in case of PC and on Mac it requires version 10.9 and above. Backup and Sync can be downloaded from either Google Drive or Photos.

Source: Google

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