Google Photos update removes backup only while charging option


It seems like Google has pulled the option to backup photos and videos to the Google Photos app “only while charging” with the new update.  A bunch of reddit users have pointed out that the option is no longer available in the Settings menu.

What this essentially means is that the Google Photos app will now backup files irrespective of the fact the device is connected to a power source or not.

For those who are not in the know, Google Photos used to have any option earlier which enabled the backup process only when the device is connected to a power source. This way, one wouldn’t have to lose battery life while on the go.

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But, with the option removed now, users might have to face problems. Especially shutterbugs, the more you capture, the more backup takes place which in turn has a negative effect on battery life.

The only probable workaround, for now, is to either disable the backup process on cellular data or to not update to the latest version of the app, i.e. Google Photos 2.1.7 on Android.

Via: Reddit

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