Gmail Go app goes live on the Play Store

A lot of Google apps have been getting a lighter and faster version of their current versions on the Play Store lately. The latest to join the party is the Gmail Go app. Google has finally released a lighter version of their Gmail app for Android for the upcoming Android Go edition devices which are set to launch soon in India, Brazil, and a few more regions in the coming months.

The Play Store description for the ‘Gmail Go’ app, apparently, doesn’t give us any differences between the standard Gmail and the Go edition of the app. However, since this app is optimized for low-performance devices, it gotta be lacking some of the features. We couldn’t test the app on our non-Android Go devices because it’s probably only available to download on the Android Go devices.

Anyway, if the Gmail Go app is really light and works well for low RAM devices, Google should make the app available for all Android devices, not just the Go editions. It could prove useful for many users who haven’t upgraded to the latest Android devices yet.

You can find the new Gmail Go app on the Play Store at the link provided below. And if you manage to get your hands on the APK file for the app, do share it here in the comments box below.

Play store link

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