Get Ready for a “world without limits”, LG says in Optimus G teaser!

LG Optimus G

LG isn’t being shy about promoting their upcoming powerhouse of an Android smartphone – the Optimus G – and specially not keeping mum about the power of its quad-core Snapdragon Pro Krait processor, which has already been proven to be the fastest and most powerful yet of all the processors that are on the mobile market. After the initial announcement of the device, LG isn’t stopping yet with showing it off.

A teaser video by LG posted on YouTube is yet another advertisement of the Optimus G, telling the viewer “to get ready for a world without limits”, calling the Optimus G the first of an all-new redesigned series. The video doesn’t show the phone itself too much except in the end, but instead focuses on some imagery to get the “world without limits” message across, a world where the word “no” apparently doesn’t matter.

Whether the teaser manages to get its message across is something you’ll have to decide, so go ahead and watch the video below. Do let us know what you think!