Get LG G6 camera app on your LG G5 through Fulmics ROM

The LG G6 features a very good dual-camera setup, and software wise, there’s also a new camera app with Manual mode, and other features. Officially, the new LG G6 camera app is only available for the new flagship.

However, thanks to a XDA member, LG G5 users can now enjoy the new app on their device. The complete app, with all the modes and features, has been brought over to the LG G5. The new camera app supports both the G5 and G6 camera features.

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Unfortunately, the app will only work with a custom ROM. So, if you thought you could simply download the APK and load it, we’re sorry. You will specifically require to be running the Fulmics ROM, and then download the Camera APK and flash it manually via Recovery.

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So, if you’re using the Fulmics ROM as a daily driver on your LG G5, you should head over to the source link and give the LG G6 camera app a try.

Source: XDA

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