Genshin Impact Klee Build: Artifacts, Weapons and Gameplay Tips for Max Damage

Klee is something like Harley Quinn meets Teemo meets… Johnny Torch. She packs a lot of literal firepower in the way of straight-up bombs and mines that she uses to lure enemies into traps and shower them in ridiculous, high-burst Pyro damage. With a good build, Klee excels at taking out clustered groups of enemies, providing ridiculous energy recharge to her teammates, and acting as a great champion for venturing into the Spiral Abyss.

Down below, we’ll run through an overview of her strengths and weaknesses, recommend a great Klee artifact build and weapon for both free-to-play players and those more pay-to-crush, as well as some gameplay tips to get the most out of your Klee build.

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Klee Talents

Klee build Genshin Impact Attack Animation

1. Kaboom!

Kaboom! is Klee’s basic attack that throws up to three bombs that explode upon contact, dealing damage in a modest AoE. Her charged attack spawns a large beam of energy that blasts the ground before her, dealing pyro damage after a brief cast animation. Like a meteor striking the earth, Klee’s plunge attack has her plummeting into the ground at high velocity, dealing AoE Pyro damage.

2. Jumpty Dumpty

Jumpty Dumpty is the “meat” of your DPS as Klee. It sends forth a projectile that bounces three times, dealing pyro damage on the way. It explodes on the third, releasing a cascade of mines that explode on contact. Not only does Jumpty Dumpty have several stages of damage dealing, Klee actually carries up to two charges of the ability, allowing you to turn the battlefield into a literal minefield — something that can be utilized to great effect by the Traveler (more on that in Gameplay Tips.)

3. Sparks ‘n’ Splash

Sparks ‘n’ Splash, Klee’s ult, continually strikes enemies around her in an AoE for the duration of the attack, dealing Pyro damage. The move can be ended prematurely by switching out of Klee to another party member, dealing a final one-shot burst.

4. Pounding Surprise

Klee’s first passive talent, Pounding surprise gives Klee a 50% chance to gain a sparkling golden flower that hovers around her whenever she damages an enemy with a basic attack or Jumpty Dumpty. This flower is consumed in place of stamina for a free Charged Attack.

5. Sparkling Burst

With Sparkling Burst, Klee’s second passive talent, all party members gain 2 elemental energy whenever she lands a crit with a charged attack. This can culminate into some serious ult-spamming when built for properly.

6. All of My Treasures!

Klee talent number three, All of My Treasures!, displays Monstadt-only unique resources on the minimap when running Klee — great for farming certain ascension materials while exploring Teyvat’s first region.

Klee Artifact Build

Crimson Witch of Flames Build (Preferred)

Genshin Impact Klee Artifact Build Crimson Witch of Flames

The Crimson Witch of Flames is one of the two Pyro-primary five-star sets in Genshin Impact (the other being the Lavawalker set) and certainly, at least in Klee’s case, the more powerful of the two. The 2 set bonus gives you a decent amount of percentage Pyro damage that, in isolation, might seem a little underwhelming. but leaps to a wicked 37.5% Pyro Damage bonus.

In conjunction with the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds bonus, which grants Elemental Damage percentage boosts every four seconds, you’ve got a Klee that only gets stronger as time goes on. This is especially helpful for Spiral Abyss dives, where Klee really shines as a singular champion.

The only real problem with the Crimson Witch of Flames set is that it is a resin-hungry, not very F2P-friendly set that can subject its pursuers to something of a serious grind. That said, the Crimson Witch Klee Build doles out some of the wildest damage of any Klee build in Genshin Impact.

Berserker/Gladiator Build (Alternative)

Sometimes it’s better to forego the full four-piece bonus that comes with a set in favor of two, two-piece bonuses instead. In this case, since you’ll eventually find yourself farming the bosses that drop Gladiator’s and Berserker’s anyway, you might end up having more than a few artifacts from the set.

If the stats are right (i.e. damage), mixing them together gives you a wonderful percentage boost to both Attack and Crit rate that create a potent mix for just about any DPS Klee build, or really any Genshin Impact character build aiming for DPS.

Klee Weapons

5 Star – Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (Preferred)

Genshin Impact Klee Build Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is an excellent Catalyst that serves two important functions besides boosting Klee’s mobility. Its special effect, Boundless Blessing, passively adds stacks of elemental damage to Klee — making her stronger as the battle goes on — but its base crit rate coincides nicely with her Sparkling Burst talent. The 10% movement speed buff is a little icing on the fire-cake that lets you get a little more mileage out of her elemental burst, Sparks ‘n’ Splash — the friendliest sounding Ult in Genshin Impact.

4 Star – Widsith (Alternative)

Klee Build Genshin Impact Weapon The Widsith

A four-star weapon with the Genshin Impact weapon effect version of Metronome, the random buff isn’t what you’re looking for as much as the Crit Damage, though any of the three theme songs can provide a pretty hefty boost to your damage output. If you’re having a hard time trying to get your hands on a Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, the Widsith is a capable alternative that won’t disappoint your Klee build.

Klee Gameplay Tips

1. Keep an Eye on Her Crit Rate

When it comes to Klee’s design, one hand is meant to wash the other. Her first passive Talent, Pounding Surprise, gives her free charged attacks — while her second talent, Sparkling Burst, rewards you for critting on a charged attack with party-wide energy recharge.

2. Keep an Eye Out for the Flower

Pounding Surprise spawns a little golden flower that will hover beside your head, indicating that you have a free Charged Attack — use it immediately. These don’t stack, so delaying by as much as a few seconds means not only a lost free-attack but more importantly lost energy recharge for your party.

3. Klee Doubles as a Claymore Wielder

With her bottomless bucket of explosions, Klee is just as adept at smashing geo-shields as any claymore wielder in Genshin Impact, meaning you don’t have to force a way to insert Noelle into your party if you don’t want her there.

4. She Synergizes Beautifully with the Traveler

An often overlooked character, ironically, is the main character — you, the Traveler. Using his/her Anemo affinity, you can actually Palm Vortex all of Klee’s mines into one spot and then send them all at a specific enemy using her elemental burst, Great Surge.

This coincides with all of the energy recharge that a solid Klee build produces, allowing you to spam this combo over and over. It’s as simple as spamming auto attacks and Jumpty Dumpties to spam charged attacks and recharge energy to spam elemental bursts.

Drop a Jumpty Humpty to scatter the mines, switch to Traveler to Palm-Vortex and vacuum them into spot, and then send the gift-box of fiery death you just created at an enemy with Great Surge. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

Is Klee Worth its F2P?

Klee is an expensive character to get, and many a Genshin Impact gamer has found themselves on the verge of tears as they relentlessly pump more money into Gacha pulls trying to get their hands on her.

For all the awesome, F2P value that Genshin Impact provides, the game wasn’t created out of the kindness of MiHoYo’s hearts. To really get a character to nigh-broken levels of power, you really have to draw them multiple times to level up their constellation.

Maybe you got lucky on a pull, and actually got your hands on Klee, but would rather not invest real money into the game for resin-recharges in order to chase the perfect build for her in any reasonable amount of time.

Maybe you’re a casual player who doesn’t want to work at grinding every day like it’s a part-time job and would rather galavant across the verdant fields of Teyvat without pulling out your wallet. Whatever the case, the truth is that Klee scales best with some financial backing.

Klee is a great DPS dealer and a solid Spiral Abyss champion, but she doesn’t always work well with others. She doesn’t pair the best with common standouts like Venti and requires much of your party to be built around her. She’s essentially the handgun, with the other members of your party the hand. 

The variables you should consider and experiment with are the other members of your team. If you have a strong party with a wicked combo set up and solid gear, Klee might not be a good choice considering how resource-hungry she is to build.

That said, she does gel very well with the Traveler and if you lucked out and got Klee before any other lead characters like a Diluc, and you’re ready to go all-in on F2P grinding Klee into oblivion, it might be worth it.

It really just depends on when you get Klee, and who you have already.

For more Genshin Impact walkthroughs, guides, builds, and other tips and tricks, check out our Genshin Impact archives!


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  1. I got Klee on my first day, have Sucrose, Xiangling and Noelle and the starting characters – Traveler, Kaeye,Lisa and Amber, whos my best team?

  2. I’m sorry but what are you talking about? Klee’s Pyro DMG goes up with lvling and ascension, NOT crit rate. I have her at lvl 80 and her Crit Rate is 5% because I haven’t focused on it. I think you are confusing Klee with Diluc, as he is the only character currently in Genshin Impact who’s Crit RATE increases with lvling and ascension.

  3. I have Hu Tao but Klee is so cute and catalysts are so fun, I can’t possibly skip my girl. Plus, even though Hu Tao is strong, her c1 makes my playstyle brain dead and I’m looking forward to a bigger challenge with Klee :))

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