Galaxy S9 is codenamed ‘Star’, will come in two variants

After fulfilling its ‘dream’ with 2017 flagship smartphone Galaxy S8, Samsung is making strategies to shine like a ‘star’ with its 2019 flagship smartphone Galaxy S9. Not one to rest on its laurels, Samsung has already started working on Galaxy S9 which it has given the codename ‘Star’ and which it plans to release in the first half of next year.

Considering the code name, we can guess that the Galaxy S9 will not be a foldable phone as expected. It is also worth noting that Samsung is 3-4 months ahead of schedule in developing its flagship product compared to last year. The reason behind this hurried pace is the strengthened quality control process deployed by the OEM after last year’s Note 7 fiasco.

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As per a report from Korea, Samsung recently confirmed that there will be two versions of Galaxy S9. The standard model is codenamed ‘Star’ while the higher variant with a large-screen is codenamed ‘Star 2’. It is the norm to assign a codename to a product before commencing its production. Codenames often imply product characteristics. The Galaxy S8 series codename was ‘Project Dream’. Kim Hye-deok, executive director of product strategy team at Samsung Electronics wireless division, said in an interview earlier that they “dream to overcome Apple” with Galaxy S8.

As the Galaxy S9 is currently in its early stages of development, it is difficult to guess the specifications of the product solely based on the codename. However, it can be inferred that Samsung is far from producing a flagship smartphone which is foldable.

The report also quoted an industry official as saying that codename ‘Star’ and foldable phones just do not go hand in hand. He added that the display of Galaxy S9 will be similar to Galaxy S8 which means that we will once again see a bezel-less phone. Some additional features we will get to see on the flagship device will be dual rear cameras and a front placement of fingerprint scanner.

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