9 best less-known features of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

Every year Samsung introduces a great new device under its flagship Galaxy S series, and this year is no exception. This year’s Galaxy S9 is not only equipped with the top hardware on the charts right now, but also possibly the best camera on any smartphone, and also the best features — even though gimmicky — like AR Emoji, 960FPS, etc. for a regular consumer.

While it’s too early to find out features like battery life and long-term system performance just yet, we know quite a lot of what Galaxy S9 gives us. Even though you may already know the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S9, there are some that you may not be already acquainted with. Here’s a list of such cool hidden features of the Galaxy S9 that you should know about.

1. Slow motion shots on the lock screen

Galaxy s9 slow motion video wallpaper

The smartest camera on the Galaxy S9 is capable of doing a lot of things, including taking super slow motion videos in high definition. The best part is that you get to put your slow-mo video right on your lock screen and enjoy them every time you unlock your Galaxy S9.

2. Ask Bixby to record a super slow-mo video


Stepping up the game with a powerful camera this year, Samsung is taking the slow-motion video recording game to the next level. With its Super Slo-mo feature, you can shoot things at 960 frames per second automatically at a short burst (for around 0.2 seconds in a 6-second video).

3. Instantly edit slow motion videos

It’s not just enough to capture a slow-motion video, which is why the Galaxy S9 comes with instant editing features built in. You can easily add music to your slow-motion video or choose from a bunch of preloaded songs. Moreover, you can even loop to video in reverse, forward, or swing and easily turn it into a GIF.

4. Dual aperture modes and excellent low-light photography


In an effort to make nighttime photography on mobile even better, Galaxy S9 now comes with a dual aperture mode. With the f-stop modes, the F1.5 mode automatically kicks in during a dark environment, while the F2.4 aperture mode can be during the daytime to help you take the perfect shot.

5. AR Emoji brings conversations alive


Taking on Apple’s Animoji head-on, Samsung offers AR Emoji with the Galaxy S9 to bring out the animated version of you. Simply create your AR Emoji, let the front camera do its work and create your very own expressive avatar with personalized clothing, accessories and more.

6. Personalized Emoji AR stickers

With animated AR Emojis, you can capture your emotions in real life and even share them in animated form with 18 different AR stickers. With a range of emotions to choose from, your animated self can now express more than your real self can do with words. You can now just press the Bixby button and ask your virtual assistant to create your emoji.

7. Enhanced audio experience

Finally giving in the demands of its users, Samsung has added stereo speakers to the Galaxy S9. Packed with hardware tuned by the audio doctors at AKG, you get the kick of Dolby Atmos surround-sound for a unique audio experience.

8. Samsung Knox reinforced

Since the newly positioned fingerprint sensor and the iris scanner wasn’t enough, Samsung went ahead and added software-level protection with Knox. You get multi-layer protection with root protection, secure boot, and the Knox Container to isolate business apps and data from your personal content.

9. Adjust the background blur on Galaxy S9+ later


Using the second telephoto lens on the Galaxy S9+, you are able to adjust the background blur on the device as per your desire even after clicking the picture.

Bonus: Protector case comes free?

One of the more interesting things we spotted about the Galaxy S9 is what you get in the package. While it clearly states that the contents may vary based on country and carrier, it was interesting to see a transparent protector case included in the image that looks like showing all the contents of the packaging box (right above). A tradition followed by a handful of brands in the past, it looks like Samsung is also being thoughtful.

Which is your absolute favorite feature on the Galaxy S9 that’s pushing you to buy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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