Will Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 8 get AR Emoji? A port should arrive soon!

AR Emoji for Galaxy S8 S7 Note 8

We won’t blame you if AR Emoji is the Galaxy S9’s best feature for you. But if you own a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8, or still wanna hang on to Galaxy S7, you may be wondering whether your current Galaxy phone will get the AR Emoji from Samsung. Well, it won’t we guess — as far as Samsung is concerned because they didn’t announce it. But yeah, we expect an unofficial AR Emoji port for the Galaxy S8 sets, Galaxy S7 sets, and Galaxy Note 8 to arrive soon. After all, it only relies on the front-facing camera, and that on the GS8 and GN8 is no slouch! Stay tuned for more news on AR Emoji port!

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  1. Can get avatar on my samsung phone but not my samsung tab4 tablet

  2. So the Note 8 will get the AR Emoji for sure in a couple months? I had a 7 edge 1st Samsung ever loved it after having all HTC’s. Was wanting to upgrade but the 8 and 8 plus wasn’t a big enough deal for us and since the Note 8 had more ram and better camera me and my husband got the Note which is our 1st Note series and Samsung gave us 300 for our 7 Edge we bought out right unlocked versions from Samsung never had unlocked before. Anyway only had our Note 8’s for a few months never use the pen and would love the S9 plus but mainly for the cute AR Emoji which isn’t a big reason to upgrade but I posted my Note 8 on Craigs List just to see if I could get a decent amount and than pay a little for the 9 plus. But if I knew for sure if we we’re getting the AR Emoji I would keep my Note. I was thinking maybe when we get Oreo we will get it but I am not sure when that will be.

    1. Samsung probably won’t give you AR Emoji, and frankly, a port may not appeal you very much, if and when it comes.
      If you are not using the S-Pen — that’s not surprising anyway — you SHOULD really get the S9 Plus. It’s better in every way compared to the Note 8, except for the S-Pen thingy.

      1. Have you ever done Swappa? I was all set to post it and chickened out wasn’t sure exactly how it works. Wish I could just trade somebody plus I would give them a little money LOL! I just know if someone wants it and I get the money in my paypal I have to hurry and ship it within 2 days. I was just asking 625 it’s only a few months old. But I would have to go and charge my 9 plus cause I would want to get another unlocked version and buy it outright again and not have my plan change and pay the same amount. Someone mentioned a couple other sites that buy back phones I forgot who they are and I don’t do ebay. I did Craigslist no luck. A store here in town only offered $450 I know I can get at least 550 to 650

  3. Yes, it’ll be available for Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 in the next update. However you can except the update in couple of months.
    -Samsung Tech support member

    1. So for sure in the next couple months my Note 8 will have the AR Emoji what with Oreo maybe? So I should keep my Note.

      1. If the AR emoji is the only reason you are looking to change your mobile phones, well hold for 3-4 weeks at the least. We think at least an unofficial mod will drop out, bringing the AR stuff to Note 8.

    2. Do you have a screenshot or anything (chat history) to show us. That would be wonderful.

    3. When will that update be available?

    4. No samsung will not be giving Note 8 or any other Samsung phone the S 9 emoji

    5. haw sure you are?? couple months, you have to be kidding me..

      1. yes that’s what they just told me. Samsung most likely wants to put the spotlight on the S9 for now then release the update to older devices.

  4. Some of the features on the Galaxy S9 should definitely be on the Galaxy S8 models and the Note 8 as well, such as adding music into videos via the camera app, Real-time translation in the camera app as well, and most importantly, the AR Emoji. Hopefully an update comes soon that applies these features, fingers crossed!

    1. Be honest..i have no hope about that..

      1. I did hear carriers are starting to get the Oreo update AT&T one and that unlocked people are last. My coworker wants to give me 550 for my Note and I may just take it and pay the difference and get the 9 plus. I am doubtful we will get AR Emoji and Intelligent Scan and I want the better speakers and finger print sensor spot is much better. XDA people said we’re not getting AR Emoji but sometime after Oreo their may be a port or way to get it but that you probably will have to be rooted so I guess I won’t have it.

  5. I hope Note 8 will get some futures from s9

    1. Well me too! I think the AR Emojis are cute and if we at least get that I’ll be happy. I was told by Sprint even if I sell my unlocked Note and get an Unlocked 9 Plus I’d stil have to upgrade when 5G comes out. I mean my Note is great and fast and better than my 7 Edge but honestly it’s too big for me and I never use the pen but I am not unhappy with it. I just wish we knew for sure if we we’re getting some of the 9’s features.

      1. Sadly, it is increasingly looking like the AR Emoji won’t be ported over to the Galaxy S8, S7, and Note 8 handsets.
        At the time of writing, there were no resources whatsoever available for the developers to do such thing (port). But now that the Galaxy S9 firmware have been available for more than a month, and that no dev has ported it over for S7, S8, etc. it seems this is simply not possible.
        BitMoji for the win, then.

    2. Note 8 is still the best device on the market.

      1. Brian Giovanni Puccia

        Actually, the S9+ is. It’s better spec-wise at least.

    3. I agree as some of us just upgraded our phones and will not be upgrading anytime soon I have the Note 8 and love it

      1. And S9 is not really that compelling either.

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