Magisk v12 update lets you fake Knox 0x0 on Samsung devices

Knox is Samsung’s security system on Galaxy devices. When you root a Samsung Galaxy device, the Knox status gets tripped/triggered to Knox 0x1. This tells the system that the device’s software has been tampered with and thus blocks certain services from working on it.

Now, the latest update to Magisk, which is a rooting tool, will enable the use of Samsung Pay on rooted devices. This is done by faking the Knox status and making the phone believe that it is 0x0. 

Magisk v12 has this one major change, which should help it get good ratings on the Play Store. The update also adds support for Samsung kernels. Therefore, if you have been wanting to root your Samsung device, but didn’t because it would disable Samsung Pay, you can do it now.

There are several other features and fixes in the latest update to Magisk, but this one is aimed at Samsung users specifically. The developers have also promised to bring other new features in a future update, making the tool even better.

via XDA

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  1. fuck.. where was this when I was fixing my galaxy A5… I tripped the knox just flashing a European official rom on the Canada 520W unit… such shit. wanted to reset and people told me ITS NOT POSSIBLE…. this looks like the next best thing… but does it still work to use those sacure files? does it even work with the a5?

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