Galaxy S8 price could start at 6088 Yuan ($885) for 64GB variant

Thanks to the ever-flowing leaks, we know quite a lot about Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S8, except for one thing. How hot it will be for your pockets? That too is covered now with the latest leak out of China.

The leak suggests the base price for Galaxy S8 (64GB) to start at 6088 Yuan, which is approximately $885. The premium model of S8 with 128GB on-board should cost 6488 Yuan, approx $943.

Coming to the S8 Plus variant with 64GB storage, the leak hints at a price tag of 6888 Yuan which goes up to $1001. Wait if you considered this heavy for your wallet. The premium model of Galaxy S8 Plus (128GB) will come at 7288 Yuan, which amounts to $1059.

We knew Samsung was pulling all strings to get the best hardware and design on board for the upcoming S8. Special mention needs to be made about the enhanced UX experience, AI Bixby, bezel-less look, rear mounted fingerprint sensor and the unmissable Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Keeping this in mind, the leaked prices stand justified. But it is important to note that since Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of these, it would be wise to take the news with a grain of salt.

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Nuzhat N

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