Galaxy S8 Bluetooth headset reaches FCC, it’s a new Samsung U Flex set

We have heard a couple of rumors about Samsung shipping wireless Bluetooth earphones with the Galaxy S8. A few weeks ago, a wireless headset called Samsung U Flex was certified by Bluetooth SIG.

Now, the same headset, bearing the same model number EO-BG950, has reached the FCC. Samsung had also filed a trademark for U Flex brand name recently. How do we know that these wireless Bluetooth earphones are meant for the Galaxy S8? Well, the model number BG950 fits perfectly with the smartphone model number SM-G950.

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We’re not sure if Samsung would bundle this with the Galaxy S8, or sell it as an optional extra. Or they could even give it as part of a pre-order offer. Whatever it is, the company is most probably going to announce these new U Flex headphones at the event.

The prices for all the other Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories have already been leaked. Tomorrow, everything will be made official and we shall know what headphones come bundled with the phone.

via FCC

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