Galaxy S3 Rooted, Remotely!!! Chainfire is Back, Guys.

Not as if Chainfire — one of our favorite developers — was gone somewhere, but hey, would you believe it – the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already rooted, and that too done – rather, achieved — remotely?

But you simply have to when a dev like Chainfire says so. FYI, he’s the guy behind the cf-root kernel, which we’ve used to root and install CWM recovery on our Galaxy S1s, S2s, and Notes like forever.

It’s not very uncommon of flagship android devices getting rooted before the launch, but when its done remotely, without the dev having the device in hand (several things assumed, obviously), it sounds magical – atleast for us guys without the knowledge of coding environment and its way of getting things done.

Just in case it needed clarification, you won’t need a remote server setup or anything to root Galaxy S3, we are sure you’ll be able to root your i9300 as easily – or even more easier – as you do on Galaxy S1 i9000, S2 i9100 or Galaxy Note N7000.

Chainfire has some interesting bits to share with us on all of this, so let’s talk that:

  • Root was simple – for Chainfire, that is — to achieve, mostly thanks to easy repackaging of the kernel — thanks to Samsung switching to standard boot.img format from much-harder-to-repack zimage format used in Galaxy S1, S2 and Note
  • Since there is a separate recovery partition is use this time, flashing of recoveries can be done without flashing the kernel. Well, it means (from what I could gather) that maybe we can flash a recovery’s .img file from fastboot itself, without needing Odin to flash a kernel containing the recovery or root or both
  • Cheers! No Moar Ylo Triangle!!! Yup, it seems that yellow triangle – which we used to get on flashing cf-root kernel — won’t bother us on the quad-core beast Galaxy S3, when we flash an insecure kernel—containing root and/or beloved cwm recovery – on the S3
  • Ouch. Flashing insecure kernels for root and/or recovery or the (often, leaked) firmwares using the download mode will increase flash/binary counter on the Galaxy S3 – as it looks right now
  • Oh yes, all of this is based on the current – which may not be final/retail version of S3 – firmware. So some or all could change, but we highly doubt it since launch is so near now – one could easily smell it, and if you can’t, simply read this.

That. Is. It. Ready to buy Galaxy S3? Ready to root it right after unboxing, or rather making it a part of unboxing? Whaddya say?

Galaxy S3 Root

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