Galaxy S3 LTE almost confirmed by Samsung thanks to kernel source posting, dubbed as GT-i9305

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE GT-i9305

Samsung loves upgrading its devices — even the flagship ones, which are generally more suited for an annual upgrade. And yeah, we’re talking hardware only upgrades here, not the software ones which are quite obvious, and boring too in Sammy’s case, going by the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update that keeps popping up every now and then.

So, now is the turn for a little upgrade to the company’s current hotcake — the Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, which might see an upgraded new model with LTE capability, while still featuring the 4 cores equipped Exynos processor, in and as Galaxy S3 LTE, GT-i9305.

The Galaxy S3 LTE has come into light as its Jelly Bean source code was found on Samsung’s site, which almost confirms the device, and that it might launch very shortly. Source code is generally helpful for custom ROM developers only, in fact, of very little use to even the Galaxy S3 i9300 users. Yeah, the device should launch with Jelly Bean pre-installed, from what we could gather.

Why the LTE upgrade now? Well, because it’s cool to have. But why not earlier, you may ask? Well, that’s because Samsung was simply unable to and even had to change things for US-bound LTE-equipped Galaxy S3 phones. More on this: in order to make its Galaxy S3 sets compatible with 4G LTE tech in US, Samsung had to sacrifice its quad-core Exynos processor and replace it with dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, and also bump the RAM to 2GB instead of usual 1GB with Exynos chipset, since, its Exynos processor were not so much friendly with LTE at that time of the year.

But it’s now. And hence, the Galaxy S3 LTE. Irony: though, the Galaxy S3 LTE,  is not meant for US at all it seems, and looks catering more to European users’ needs.

We have had upgraded versions of last year’s flagship device, the legendary Galaxy S2, in the form of Galaxy S2 LTE and Galaxy S2 HD LTE, but because of these devices not releasing out of Korea much, these were pretty limited in news and all, and Galaxy S3 had already overshadowed them, as also the original Galaxy Note.

Of course, the Galaxy S3 LTE might suffer the same fate, given that Galaxy Note 2 is already making big headlines (5.5-inch big, eh!) all around the world and believe it or not, there are already rumors of the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S4 — though, they are quite obvious and more of a ridicule right now.

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