Galaxy S3 Firmware, XXALE8, Based on Android 4.0.4

Hot on the heels of Galaxy S3 Root news breaking yesterday, we have got the whole lot of firmware itself leaked. The build number of this Galaxy S3 firmware is i9300XXALE8, where i9300 obviously stands for the Galaxy S3 itself, while XXALE8 is a combo of codes: XXA – Russia, L – 2012, E – May and 8 – Build Date. Credits go to awesome guys over at SamMobile for this.

Further, the XXALE8 is based on Android 4.0.4 build IMM76D which, mind you, isn’t exactly the latest Android OS build, the title of which goes to IMM74I, though still the Android 4.0.4. So, nothing to get hurt here.

Oh, the size, it’s massive 786 MB, which is usually ~450 MB on Galaxy S2 and was just ~250 MB on Galaxy S. Expect your bandwidth usage to increase significantly high if you plan to install firmwares and roms (definitely expect them to largest too) on the Galaxy S3 you have already planned by now. Those interested in downloading the XXALE8 Galaxy S3 firmware, meant to be flashed/installed from Odin only on Galaxy S3 only, obviously, can download it from here.

The Galaxy S3 is yet to release anywhere in world, and we think those in UK who pre-ordered it will be the first ones to get it, since it’s being rumored that Galaxy S3 will ship to them a day earlier.

We don’t know whether this is the same firmware on which Chainfire had achieved the root remotely, but in any case we are happy that both a firmware and root are already — well almost — out. In case we do something wrong with our Galaxy S3, we know what to do: Flash the XXALE8 firmware to get back to stock, and then root it – hopefully it’s out soon — to restore our titanium backup collection of apps. That’s the life on Android!

Also, let’s hope developers are able to notch some goodies out of the XXALE8 – like live wallpapers, static wallpapers, all ringtones, notification sounds, icon sets, etc. and even more, maybe the S Voice. The first set containing the usual media files should happen be out soon pretty easily, but we are sure the killer dev community on Android scene will be able to port the S Voice and other Galaxy-S3-only stuff from the S3 to other phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, and hopefully also for non-Samsung buds.

For now, you can download some Galaxy S3 ringtones for your smartphone.

Galaxy S3 Firmware XXALE8

Via Sam Mobile

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  1. It also works with the Galaxy and 9000 gt? Please write postuop than later if I go hence itthanks

  2. It also works with the Galaxy and 9000 gt? Please write postuop than later if I go hence itthanks

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