Galaxy S10 lets users hide the camera cutout

Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be the smartphone of the year. The phone packs some punch on matters performance and its photography capabilities are on the next level, but it is the amazing Dynamic AMOLED (curved on the S10 and S10+, flat on the S10e) display screen that brings out the wow factor thanks to the Infinity O panel.

There is no doubt the no-notch approach is what many in the anti-notch camp wanted to see from Samsung. But whether the punch-hole, as it is commonly referred to in the streets, is everyone’s cup of tea is something we’ll find out with time.

In fact, some early reviewers who got their hands on the Galaxy S10 handsets are not having the best of times with the cutout, where the same issues that affected the notch are still persisting. Some apps are yet to be fully optimized to take advantage of the cutout like seen in the image below, but of course, one or two updates to the affected apps should solve the problem.

Until then, users of the Galaxy S10 have the option to disable the camera cutout or rather hide it, just like the notch, and in the process end up with an artificial upper bezel. The resulting top bezel is a bit thicker and not in proportion with the size of the chin, but on the brighter side, you can still make use of the darkened area for displaying things like app notifications, battery percentage, network signal, and other useful info.

The setting to Hide front camera is buried into the Display menu in the Full screen apps section of your phone’s settings.


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