Early Galaxy S10 5G problems emerge: 5G to LTE bug, slow speed and limited coverage

Galaxy S10 5G problems

Ever since Samsung released their first fully integrated 5G smartphone, the Galaxy S10 5G, in Korea on 5th April, customers have been reported to face numerous problems with the network switch between 5G and LTE on their devices.

It has been reported that users have had to reboot their smartphones several times whenever a 5G signal is lost, probably because the signal was too weak. This probably occurs when the signal is being passed from one cellular tower to another, where instead of shifting smoothly to a 4G network, the device simply disconnects from the network.

Customer complaints have been climbing on online portals, Business Korea reports, and it doesn’t seem like the problem is particular to any one mobile network. Users at all the three major South Korean networks have reported issues in switching from 5G to 4G.

Two of the major carriers, SK Telecom and LG U Plus claim they updated their base station software recently and haven’t received any complaints on this from their users after that.

Samsung had updated the S10 5G on April 6 with fixes for 5G network related issues, but it seems the bug still remains at large. As the 5G tech is new, maybe Samsung deserves some slack here. Though, Samsung should roll out an update to fix the issue pretty soon now.

Let’s hope they are able to sort out the 5G issues well before the S10 5G hits the US at Verizon, where pre-orders are set to start on April 18 with the expected launch date of May 16.

Users also reported that the 5G coverage wasn’t good and that when did have the 5G network, the speeds weren’t as good either.


Well, one will have to wait for Samsung to push another software update to tackle down the issue. It’s not like it can’t be fixed, after all, the Galaxy S10 5G does ship with both the 4G and 5G bands that can work simultaneously to provide users the network that is good in range.