Galaxy S II Crosses 10 Million Sales Mark !!


It isn’t that surprising to hear about a fact that we already knew is gonna come soon ever since our much-loved S2 crossed that 5 million barrier in such speedier fashion. But yes, it’s official now — Samsung’s Galaxy S II has crossed 10 million sales figure  and is still running hot, worldwide. And what’s more Samsung just added to more phones to its Galaxy S2 lineup — Galaxy S2 LTE and Galaxy S2 HD LTE. Amazing phones, really!

Btw, Galaxy S2, isn’t the only phone that has crossed the 10 million marker. Previously, company’s feature phone, Samsung Star has done it and it’s well-known android phone, Galaxy S has done that too — which made many headlines and resulted in many jaws dropped.

But while Star took 6 months and super Galaxy S took 7 moths, the S2 has achieved this feat in a matter of 5 months only.

No other android phones comes any near to sales figure of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S (for which last known sales figure was 14 million, and it’s selling). Even though iPhone sold 20 million in Q2 only, the S2’s feat of 10 mil units is still very very admirable. A feat that even Apple would admire secretly; since there 100s of android phones selling while iOS has just one phone. And anyway, Android sales is far far ahead of iOS sales.

[Btw, Samsung used to us ‘shipped’ term earlier but this time around, the word used is ‘sales’ We hope by ‘sale’, whoever leaked this, didn’t mean ‘shipped’. But that will hardly alter our moods and beliefs. right? Because we know Galaxy SII is the world’s best android phone — totally deserving and capable of this benchmark!]

Before we forget, lets take a dig at which region on our earth sold how many S2 phones: South Korea -3.6 million, followed by 3.4 million in Europe and 2.6 million in Asia. The Smartphone is expected to reach new peaks and shatter the previous records, now that it has launched in US — this won’t take too long to become a reality. So, would you be surprised if it crosses 15 million barriers in next 2 months? Or Less?

And wow… last time I checked newspaper, they were still talking about recession and stuff.

Phones (or people?) of today, eh!