Galaxy Note 10.1 Video Surfaces, Shows TouchWiz UX and Stylus

White Galaxy Note 10.1

It was exciting to see Amazon posting the Galaxy Note 10.1 Specs and putting it as to be available soon for pre-order. But Samsung spoiled the excitement within hours, calling it an error by Amazon and that NOT everything showed in the Amazon’s spec-sheet for Galaxy Note 10.1 is real.

But we’ve got you another reason to bring back some of that excitement, as the guys over at All About Samsung have posted a video of Galaxy Note 10.1 in action on YouTube.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Video

[youtube video_id=”O-8og6ldkgA” width=”630″ height=”400″ /]

The Galaxy Note 10.1 video above clearly shows how smoothly it’s running, so I’m gonna guess that it’ll be running on Quad-Core Exynos processor with a 1GB or 2GB RAM or both (for different countries 😉

It also seems to have TouchWiz UX out of the box. But Samsung has decided upon not making it a “Inspired by Nature” or “Designed for Humans” device. Atleast, nothing we could spot from the video above.

The video also showed the Note 10.1’s stylus in action, which did nothing much but draw and swipe through screens. It seems Samsung has not developed anything on the software part to enhance stylus’ productivity to make use of a display as big as 10.1 inches, leave alone the smart stylus patent Samsung filed recently. Seriously that’s disappointing ─ I was hoping for more useful uses of the stylus on a 10.1″ screen.

Anyway, what’s your opinion for the Galaxy Note 10.1? Let us know in the comments below.

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