Samsung’s Next Generation (Smart) Stylus has NFC and Built-in Headset

Samsung Stylus With Voice Patent

For Samsung, Stylus is not a thing from the past. They’re putting their best effort to make something new out of the old concept of using a pen as an input for touch screens. And that’s pretty obvious too, since Samsung is the only company in the industry which is making phones as big as Galaxy Note. And having a smart stylus (or a smart pen) makes sense to put that big screen in your hand to more good uses.

The new patent suggests of a capacitive stylus with NFC and built-in headset. NFC integration into the stylus would definitely prove useful for pairing with a device in the simplest of effort by touching the two devices together. And the built-in headset feature suggests of taking phone calls using the stylus itself.

We’ve seen the talking-with-a-stylus concept from ASUS too for their three-in-one Padfone. The Padfone is a Smartphone, a Tablet and a Laptop (when docked into a keyboard like accessory), but is powered by a smartphone of mere 4 inches of display at its core. So for convenience of taking calls while your phone is docked in tablet form, ASUS is also working on a talking-over-stylus like concept.

And it makes sense for Samsung too. They have devices like Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 which’re centered over making use of a stylus to enhance productivity. That’s the sole USP of Sammy’s Galaxy Note series, so it’ll definitely prove fruitful for them to put efforts in making a smart stylus.

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