Galaxy Fold may be released at Verizon and Sprint in the U.S., after all

Shying away from Samsung Galaxy fold would not be just for its ā€˜price tagā€™ of whopping $1,980 but even for the fear of change of carrier in the U.S. ā€” if you are a Verizon or Sprint user, reports earlier indicated that the Samsungā€™s first foldable phone would be compatible onlyĀ withĀ T-Mobile and AT&T.

But we have some good news in the store that may give you a sigh of relief if you found yourself in the same dilemma.Ā Samsung had revealed during the Samsung Unpacked held on February 20 that the carriers supporting the Galaxy fold would be AT&T and T-Mobile.Ā Well, the good guys over at XDA dug deep into the code of a leaked combination firmware of the Galaxy FoldĀ and discovered a goodie there.

The firmware contained not only the folders in specific directories dedicated to carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and VerizonĀ but also contained codeĀ related to Verizon Software Upgrade Assistant software (see image below). All this meansĀ that the foldable phone may arrive at Sprint and Verizon too, sooner or later.

Galaxy Fold Verizon support

This is truly positive news for Verizon and Sprint users who may be holding a grudge towards theirĀ friends at AT&T and T-Mobile for being able to get a piece of revolutionary tech.

Additional discovery after digging through Samsungā€™s Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) server indicated that Samsung was developing versions of Galaxy Fold for ā€œAT&T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T- Mobile, Virgin Mobin, Verizon Wireless, Xfinity mobileā€. However, this was a workĀ last seen in progress in the month of October, so this idea could have been done away with.

The Samsung Galaxy fold is set to roll out from 26th April in all pomp and glory.

The Galaxy Fold represents many questions than it answers.Ā The design, the inside-folding screen, the size, the weight, etc. are few things that make it less desirable than what was originally anticipated. And there is a little matter of Huawei Mate X, which looks far better than the Galaxy Fold in one impression.

Galaxy Fold Sprint

Where you will be able to buy the Galaxy Fold isnā€™t quite clear yet, but what is, is how it will look like in a case.

One would want to save the date in early April when Samsung Galaxy Fold would have a spotlight event again, where one would hope to hear some confirmation about support for various carriers and all.

Even if Samsung Galaxy doesnā€™t please you, you could head with Verizon exclusive (for few months only) Galaxy S10 5G handset ā€” at least you may be able to breath something new in 5G. Though other carriers too will get their hand on it, Verizon users would still have their first share.

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