First Galaxy S3 Benchmarks Leaked. Compares Galaxy S3’s Graphical Performance Against iPhone 4S, One X, One S, etc.

The first Galaxy S3 benchmarks have been leaked and judging by the benchmark numbers, the S3’s graphical performance sure seems like it will hold its own against the other top performers currently in the market. The benchmarks, left on GLBenchmark’s website by a careless tester, show that the 50% faster Mali-400 GPU running at 400 MHz inside the S3 (compared to the one on the Galaxy S2) is quite a monster, beating the Adreno 225 sporting Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 on the HTC One S, and the Tegra 3 on the HTC One X.

Not only that, but the Mali-400 also beat the dual-core PowerVR 543MP2 inside the iPhone 4S in most test components, while being almost on par with the quad-core iPad 3 GPU. The benchmarks were probably from a prototype Galaxy S3 unit, so the final unit may provide even better benchmark scores. Even if they remain the same, we won’t have anything to complain about as the Mali-400 seems completely up to the task.

Head over to the via link below to see the benchmarks in more detail. What do you think? Did these benchmarks just confirm your Galaxy S3 purchase or are you still going to wait for the phone to launch before making a decision? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. thanks for a good review

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