Essential Phone 360 camera specs: Dual 12MP lenses, F1.8 aperture and 3D Audio

Essential Phone - 360 degree camera module

Andy Rubin has just pulled the wraps off the much-awaited Essential Phone. The smartphone is priced at USD 699 is already up for reservations in the US. Apart from the fact that the smartphone features high-end specs like Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage, dual 13MP rear cameras, and a near bezel-less 5.71-inch QHD display, the Essential Phone offers support to a 360-degree camera which can be considered as a standout feature.

Just in case you are interested, the 360-degree camera is currently available at a discounted price of USD 50 whose original price is USD 199. You can get the camera from the company’s official website itself while checking out the Essential Phone. Here’s the link.

Now, before pre-ordering the 360-degree camera, wouldn’t you want to know its specs? Well, here you go.

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Let’s start with the dimensions, the 360-degree camera is less than 67mm in height, 32mm in width, and around 12mm (body) in thickness. Most importantly, it weighs only 35 grams which means it won’t add much weight to the smartphone when attached.

There are two 12MP f/1.8 fisheye images sensors with 210-degree field-of-view (FOV) each. The camera is capable of recording 360-degree UHD (3840 x 1920) videos at 30fps. It connects to the smartphone via small metal pogo pins. Also, the camera has 4 microphones with ambisonic tetrahedral arrangement to record audio in 3D. There’s a Qualcomm 8053 chipset which powers the camera.

Source: Essential

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