Eat at McDonalds and fire up your Angry Birds game with new powers

Angry Birds McDonalds

Rovio has been hard at work in China promoting their Angry Birds merchandise, and now the company has expanded the game’s presence in real world even more by enhancing it with location aware power-ups system, which means you could now be sitting at a McDonalds outlet in China playing Angry Birds and gain access to some awesome powers while you munch on your favorite meal.

This power-up system is currently only available in China and is expected to launch pretty much anywhere you could lay your hands on a happy meal. It also looks like Rovio will soon be making some Angry Birds toys available for us at the Chinese outlets and perhaps the same kind of publicity for their latest game Bad Piggies!

Feel free to hit the link to the McDonald’s Chinese website, you can see that the website is literally wallpapered with Angry Birds and also a cool little embedded game for you to play.

Check out the link for McDonald’s (China) Angry Birds commercial video on the source site.