Dual-Boot ROMs on LG Optimus GT540

The LG Optimus GT540 might be an old and outdated Android phone (it debuted with Android 1.6), but that doesn’t stop the people in the modding community from trying to get the most out of it. XDA member Sadronis has developed a dual-boot mod for the GT540 that lets you switch between different installed ROMs in a jiffy.

For those that play with custom ROMs quite often, this is pretty useful as you can try out different ROMs on your phone by dual booting them. The mod works out pretty well according to reports, so this should be something nice and useful for Optimus GT540 owners.

At this point however, only the ROMs given on the development page can be used to dual boot, but more will soon be added as is promised by the developer. For more details and full instructions on how to use the mod, head over to the original development page. Try it out and let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments.