How to Download Photos from Facebook Android App easily with Facebook Downloader

There might have been a few times when you were browsing through the Facebook app on your Android phone or tablet and you came across a picture or image that you wanted to download but couldn’t, as the Facebook app does not allow downloading of any images or photos.

If that’s a dilemma that you’re looking for a solution for, then Facebook Downloader is just the app you might need. Taking advantage of the share feature of Android, Facebook Downloader let’s you download images from the Facebook app by pressing the share button on an image, then selecting Facebook Downloader to grab that image and save it to your device.

You can change the location for where the images get saved, and browse through all the saved pictures via an inbuilt gallery in the app or any other gallery app installed on your device. Also, the developers of the app are working on adding support for grabbing images from other photo apps such as Instagram, Twitter clients, Flickr and more, which should make Facebook Downloader even better with future updates.

There’s a free version and a $1 pro version of the app (purchased from within free app), with the free version making you press some ads in order to gain credits, which in turn let you save more images. Pretty clever way to get you to click on ads, but useful nonetheless if you don’t wish to spend that $1 on the pro version.

Hit the link below to download Facebook Downloader.

Google Play Link


  1. Or you can share to dropbox or box or any cloud solution. works for me.

  2. Or you can share to dropbox or box or any cloud solution. works for me.

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