Download OnePlus 6 stock wallpapers

OnePlus 6 wallpapers

It’s several weeks since OnePlus 6 started selling in select markets across the globe and it’s obvious that not everyone who wants to grab one has gotten the chance to do so. While the wait might not be too far away, you can make it sweeter by grabbing this stock wallpapers package that is available for download for free.

Yes, you read it right. You can download OnePlus 6 stock wallpapers for free and even though the package weighs in at over 50MB, you’ll be getting up to 17 high-quality wallpapers that will give your current device a OnePlus 6 feel as you wait to get your hands on the real deal.

Download OnePlus 6 stock wallpapers

While you’ll hardly be disappointed by what you find in the package above, there is a chance you might want more stock wallpapers from different vendors. Well, we have lots of them and you can find a significant chunk via the links below.

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