Android 4.2 Google Apps (Gapps) package for AOSP ROMs

Ever since the Nexus 4 firmware got leaked before the device’s launch, users and custom ROM flashers have been enjoying all the new Google applications that come with Android 4.2 and were extracted from the Nexus 4’s firmware, and were packaged into a Google apps package for flashing with AOSP ROMs like CyanogenMod or AOKP.

However, up until now, most of those apps were pre-final ones from a beta firmware and were causing problems for quite a few who flashed them over AOSP ROMs, which has prompted XDA forum member doomed151 to make a new Google apps package that works without issues, taken from the official Android 4.2 images released by Google.

The Google apps package contains the following apps:

  • GalleryGoogle.apk – Fully working Photo Sphere camera, viewing, photo editing and sync
  • LatinImeGoogle.apk – Keyboard with swipe gestures and dictionary
  • EmailGoogle.apk
  • Google Now
  • Gmail – with pinch-to-zoom

The package doesn’t include the YouTube, Google+ and TalkBack apps, but those can be downloaded manually from the Play Store, so go ahead and download the new Android 4.2 Google apps package and flash it on your phone. Note that it will only work on Android 4.2 AOSP ROMs, and will not work on Android 4.1.2 and below.

Download | Alternate Link