What Does Invisible Mean On Discord and What Happens When Set It as Your Status?

Discord statuses have been all the rage since the release of custom statuses. You can now set your own custom status with the ability to add emojis and special characters to it as well. But this doesn’t mean that the default status messages have been ruled out. By default, Discord offers you the ability to set your status as ‘Idle’, ‘Offline’, ‘DND’, and ‘Invisible‘.

Discord automatically changes your status based on your activity but you can also change them manually in case you do not wish to be contacted by other members. A great way to lurk and avoid contact on servers is to set your status to ‘Invisible’. Let’s take a quick look at it!

What does invisible mean on discord?

The ‘Invisible’ status on Discord is used to appear ‘Offline’ on Discord. Below is what happens when you set your Discord status to Invisible.

What happens when you turn on ‘Invisible’ on Discord?

When using ‘Invisible’, you will appear offline to all the server members. This however will not hamper your Discord experience, as you would still be able to view different channels, participate in conversations and even send PMs to other members on your subscribed servers.

The ‘Invisible’ status is a great way to be active on Discord while avoiding contact with other members on the server. You can also use this status to use Discord while trying to avoid getting detected by a certain community or a user. 

What is invisible name on Discord?

Well, that a trick employed to make your name blank on Discord. Meaning, your name is completely invisible to others on Discord. Yes, you can do it, just click the link right below.

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How to change your status to ‘Invisible’ on Discord

Discord allows you to manually change your status as well. Use the guide below depending on your device, to set your status to ‘Invisible on Discord.  

On Desktop

Open Discord in your web browser or the desktop app and click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. 

Now click and select ‘Invisible’. 

The change should take place immediately and you should now appear offline on every server that you are subscribed to. 

On Mobile

The mobile app UI for Discord on Android and iOS is virtually similar to one another. Hence you can use the common guide below to change your status to ‘Invisible’ manually, on both platforms.

Open the Discord app on your Android or iPhone and tap on your profile in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap on ‘Set Status’. 

Now tap on ‘Invisible’. 

And that’s it! Your status should now be changed to invisible and you should now appear as offline to all server and channel members on Discord. 

We hope this guide helped you get familiar with the ‘Invisible’ status on Discord. If you face any issues or have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.  


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