Diner Dash comes to Android, but remains Amazon exclusive for now

Diner Dash, one of the most popular time management and top-selling downloadable games out there for many platforms, has finally arrived on the world’s most popular smartphone OS.

Diner Dash stars Flo, “a spunky entrepreneur”, who needs help fixing up her restaurant, with the player required to seat and serve customers (including business people, vampires, and more) and clear up tables, as quickly as possible to make the highest amount of cash, which can then be spent to upgrade the restaurant from an old rundown restaurant to a five-star one. Additional restaurants can also be unlocked via in-app purchases, to add to the 5 default ones.

Diner Dash is currently exclusive to the Amazon Appstore and can be downloaded for free by visiting the source link below. Expect it to hit the Google Play Store after a couple of weeks of exclusivity at Amazon.