Details of Sony “Honami” and “Togari” leaked: 5″ and 6.44″ 1080p flagships

Sony’s going all in this year when it comes to high-end Android smartphones, with the Xperia Z and ZL making waves in the market on a level not seen for a Sony device in the past few years. Now, details of two new Sony devices, codenamed Honami and Togari, have leaked courtesy of a few Asian websites, hinting at top of the line flagship smartphones for the second half of 2013.

The Togari is the more interesting of the two, as a forum poster on Baidu who claims to be a Sony Xperia device tester says it will sport a gigantic 6.44″ 1080p display, which should officially mark Sony’s entry into the phablet race. Its design is said to be similar t the Xperia Z, with a glass black and a white colour option like the Xperia ZL. Apparently, it could launch as early as July in Japan, and hopefully a worldwide release later on.

There are even more details available on the Honami – believed to be the company’s ‘One Sony’ model, offering the best Sony tech in one chassis. It supposedly rocks a 5-inch 1080p display, dedicated Walkman audio chip, and a 20-megapixel Cyber-shot camera with Carl Zeiss lens, all of which will be packaged in one of the most attractive devices Sony has ever produced. Further details on the Honami come from e-Price, who suggest that the device will be powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset with Adreno 320 graphics, 2GB RAM, 2,700-3,000 mAh battery, and also sport a Xenon flash and dual LED on the 20MP camera.

Meanwhile, VR-Zone speculates that the Honami might run a Triluminos display and seconds the presence of a Snapdragon 800 CPU, though they mention a 16-megapixel camera instead of a 20MP sensor mentioned elsewhere. The Honami could see a release in July in Asia, with China Unicom to be the first carrier in China to sell the high-end smartphone. An international release should follow soon after in August or September, with an announcement at the IFA in September, a venue where Sony often announces new devices.

Of course, just because multiple websites have reported on these details, it doesn’t mean they’ll turn out to be true. It’s certainly a flurry of too much information at once, and until we get some concrete proof, you should take it all with a huge pinch of salt. Not that we’d complain if Sony can offer all of the things mentioned above, but better to be skeptical than being disappointed later.

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Sony Honami Specs [Rumored]

  • 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, Adreno 320 graphics
  • 2GB RAM
  • 5-inch Triluminos display, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 16/20-megapixel Cyber-shot camera, Carl Zeiss lens, Xenon and dual LED flash
  • 2,700-3,000 mAh battery
  • Dedicated Walkman audio chip

Sony Togari Specs [Rumored]

  • 6.44″ display, 1920 x 1080 pixels

Via: Xperia Blog Source: BaiduePriceVR-Zone

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  1. Current 13MP RS Exmor sensor is utter rubbish, so talk of 16-20MP is cringe worthy. Maybe look at what HTC is doing or even Samsung’s 13MP sensor is much better. Also isn;t Adreno 320 current gen GPU, I thought S800 gets newer GPU?

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