Deal: Unlocked LG G5 (RS998) available for $330 and unlocked AT&T variant available for $310 only at B&H

LG’s 2016 flagship phone, the G5, may not have encountered the desired success due to its modular design, nevertheless it did pack in high-end specsheet. The device is now getting a massive price cut which brings its cost down to the mid-range segment, reason enough for customers to go for this LG phone. The deal is on B&H for a limited period.

B&H is offering huge discounts on two variants of LG G5. An unlocked variant of 32GB LG G5 (RS998) is available for only $330. This is $200 less than the regular price of $530. The color option one can go for is Titan.

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The other LG G5 listed on B&H for sale is the AT&T variant which is unlocked. It is up for grabs at $310 which is $340 less than the regular price of $640. The storage and color option is 32GB and Pink respectively.

B&H will be shipping both the variants of LG G5 with a USB charger, USB Type-C cable and limited 1-year warranty.

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  1. The LG G5 was one of the most underestimated phone of 2016 although it lacked that design and premium feel that the S7 came with it wqs prefered by most people who looked for longevity and for that price(330$) especially for the unlocked variant the G5 is the best phone you can buy.According to the user reviews they tend to prefer the G5 more than the S7 for long term usage simply because the G5 had very little lag when compared to the S7.Most critics gave it harsh reviews about the build quality ,mods and the ugly rear when it was actually a pretty decent phone for the price(the old one-640$) and with this discount it simply is the best you can buy if you don’t mind investing in a power brick 😉

  2. best deal on any smartphone so far, they r just keep on coming, yesterday I thought the Honor8 for 300$ was the best deal but this one just proved me wrong, and for the price of 330$ and with the top of the line specs no smartphones even comes near to what this smartphone has to offer, despite being the most underrated phone of 2016 this was still a flagship from LG, although many people didn’t like the modular experiment but if u leave that shortcoming aside the specs like the BEST cameras under 400$, 2K IPS display, LG branding, 3.5mm jack, a SD820 processor with 4GB/32GB combination and now rarely seen IR blaster at the top, this phone at thee price of half of it’s launch price is a STEAL DEAL!!

  3. I saw another deal on the android soul page offering LG G6 for 360 dollars by AT&T. As great as this deal is, I think it is really better to buy latest phone from the carrier rather than buy the last year’s flagship even if it’s unlocked or the AT&T one when the difference is 30 to 50 dollars. It is worth the trade off honestly. G5 wasn’t a big hit but it was a great phone with decent features and performance although the mods called friends were a flop. But it is still a year old and isn’t well equipped and future proof as G6.

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