Crytek launch Fibble Flick Android game solely on Amazon App Store

Crytek, one of the most acclaimed game developers out there, is usually associated with graphically demanding and hard-core FPS games like Crysis and Far Cry, for desktops. An upcoming release from Crytek is usually met with a great deal of anticipation and fanfare, even before the actual release. Apparently, Crytek has also released an action physics game for Android devices, called Fibble – Flick n’ Roll way back in September, which has gone unnoticed. Odd, isn’t it?

Well, Crytek, for some odd reason, chose to give the Google Play store a miss, and quietly published the game only on the Amazon App Store. Fibble is a physics-based action game with strategy and puzzle-solving elements thrown in for good measure. The graphics are spectacular, though that is something that we have come to take for granted from Crytek. 

Fibble – Flick n’ Roll involves an alien creature that crashes into a suburban home on Earth, and needs to find the rest of his crew. There are over 60 levels in the game, requiring tilt and crouch controls, making this an extremely addictive, and first-rate time killer. Check out a couple of screenshots from the game:


Fibble – Flick n’ Roll Features:

  • Groundbreaking graphics bring Fibble’s world to life
  • Touch and tilt controls everyone can get to grips with
  • Tap into the unique skills of six colorful characters
  • Explore 65 levels full of physics-based puzzles
  • Share your best scores online and top the scoreboards

Check out the Crytek eye candy in the Fibble launch trailer video:

[youtube video_id=”VSNTEXAUHWE” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

Fibble – Flick n’ Roll is available on the Amazon AppStore for $0.99. There is no word yet, on when, or if at all, it will land on the Google Play Store, and for now, Amazon AppStore is the only way to get this game. If you have the Amazon AppStore app installed on your device, you can hit the download link below. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay a dollar for the game, you can try your luck and wait till it hits Amazon Free App of the day list.

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