Create a Lego Movie of your Images and Videos with PicPac – StopMotion+TimeLapse Android app

Want to create a Lego sort of movie with your own pics and videos, let PicPac – StopMotion+TimeLapse Android App help you. And not only Lego,

All you need to do is give the app your own video (or some collection of images) and audio for the movie, and it shall create a video of it, in the style you choose between Lego, Stop Motion, Time Lapse, etc.

While the app itself is pretty easy to sue with nice UI, you could creating even more amazing videos if you use your camera to shoot your pics and videos in a way (example, using time lapse mode) that it would be more meaningful in using such images and video in creating Lego or Time Lapse or Stop Motion movie using the app.

Free version is very limited in what it does: only 240p video, can’t select audio file, and can’t duplicate an existing project for easier editing. Pro version, costing $1.75, is good and gets you 720p video output and ability to select an audio file. Though, you’ll need a premium version over the Pro version costing another $1.75 approx to get 1080p videos and ability to duplicate any project to save on time and repeated editing. video editor lego movie

The Good:

  • Easy to use
  • 13 Demo projects with the app are a good help
  • Works on device itself, no need to go to PC or any website
  • Supports local media files and Instagram
  • Pro version is rightly priced for $1.75 approx
  • Help and Tips pages by developer are cool to start with.

The Bad:

  • Free version is very limited in what it does
  • Need premium version for full experience, which means $3.5 approx in total

 icon-download Download PicPac – StopMotion+TimeLapse Android app

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