Get noticed for your talents with the Get noticed app

Have you ever recorded a video displaying your talents and posted it on the Internet? Then you know the feeling of getting recognised by the world for your talents. But some times people get carried away on other details of your video rather than what you are intended to show. Here is an app that will enhances video viewing experience with new tracking feature.

Get Noticed is an app created for detecting, tracking and highlighting individual details or objects of interest in a video. Get Noticed App allows you to film, track and share your videos with a worldwide audience. The App helps your talent get noticed by the world instantly and easily. Sporting a highly intuitive user interface, the App allows you to quickly capture a video featuring your talent, upload it to YouTube and help get the word out.

Coming from renowned pro footballer, Guy Branston, Get Noticed works brilliantly for football related videos, but you could upload any type of video, track it and share it with your audience via various social networks. The idea behind the concept is to help talented people across the globe get attention, and for regular people to be able to instantly capture and share videos via the App.

With this app, users can either capture a new video using the device’s camera, upload a already recorded video or download it from YouTube. Then the app lets you highlight, track and edit movements of interest in the video. Get Noticed allows user to share their edited video on a wide range of social networks as well as via personal emails helping you in getting noticed around the world.

So what’s the delay, download the Get Noticed app from the Playstore link below and share the videos displaying your talent to the world.

The Good
  • Video Tracking – track people or objects in your videos
  • Built-in video recording and editing functions
  • Import your videos from YouTube
  • Video Highlighting – highlight people or objects in your videos
  • Sharing your videos on social networks
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Get Noticed

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