Chrome for Android to download videos, music, pictures and web pages

In a new blog post shared by Google India today, the company talked about making it easy for Indian users where proper Internet connectivity, sadly, is still a challenge. And while there are some really cool things Google is doing to make life easier or Indians when it comes to Internet, one thing that caught out attention a bit more than others was Google enabling the download of videos, pictures, music and we pages on their Chrome for Android browser.


In the screenshot above, you see a TimesOfIndia’s mobile webpage, and there shows a download button to allow you to download the video right away. Moreover, you can see that video later on in the new Downloads tab in the Chrome. If your device gets disconnected before the download is complete, it will resume automatically when Wi-Fi is back.

Likewise, it will allow you to download pics and music (!) and of course, web pages. That’s really, really cool!

That’s incredible stuff for us Indians, really. Where, Internet is still not prevalent as it should be, at good download speeds. Proper network coverage is to blame too.


Other than that, you also get YouTube Go, a new app that is intended to provide maximum experience at lowest data cost. It will recommend you video you should watch right on the homescreen. And, not only will it allow you to download videos — something Google allows on its regular YouTube app too in India, and our favorite feature! — but also preview in lower resolution before downloading or watching it.

You also get option to choose resolution for download, and other big feature of YouTube Go is ability to share videos directly with friends without using an Internet connection, something like ShareIt and Xender.

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